COVID-19 Response

Millennium teams, in collaboration with partner organizations, are meeting the needs that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world.

Many of these groups have been working in their geographic location for years and have the relationships, resources, and networks to deliver emergency aid quickly and effectively.

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Please consider a donation to help our teams and partners respond to the multitude of needs arising from the pandemic.

Projects and efforts listed below are only a sampling of the responses by our teams and partners. Each project that Millennium funds is vetted and approved by a staff member, in conjunction with other MRDS leadership, with a lifetime of experience in relief and development honed in Central Asia and Saharan Africa.



Our partners have produced portable, non-touch water and soap dispensers and are distributing them within the community. 


They are also working to: (1) Provide basic education to communities on correct hand washing techniques, the symptoms of Covid-19, and how the virus spreads. (2) Assist the overwhelmed local government in its response in order to sustain public health policies. (3) Equip communities with educational material to be spread on Facebook, WhatsApp statuses and other social media to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.



"A forced confinement was put in place from the 20th of March, and it is forbidden for people to go out without written permission from the authorities. This is a huge problem for the many families relying on bread-winners usually paid at the end of a day's work... many are struggling to put enough food on the table.

[We put together] lists of all the most vulnerable people we (and our contacts) know. This includes many widows, single mums and large families without any source of income.

We launched the first phase of food distribution on March 27, 2020. To date, we have distributed 160 parcels... we are now launching phase 2, with 200 parcels."

-Yannic E., Project Leader


country by country


Development and production, in coordination with other engineers and groups, of a low tech/low-cost ventilator machine

Provision of training and protective equipment to medical communities


Support of the medical community connected to our partners through training and the procurement of masks, gloves and suits


Food parcel distribution among most vulnerable refugee families


Food distribution among vulnerable Arab IDPs in the city of Erbil for 100 families


Production of portable, touchless water and soap dispensers to be set-up in the community based on UNICEF-specified locales in Zanzibar

Manufacture of cloth face masks


Food distribution among Sudanese refugees in Cairo


Food distribution among Rohingya minority group


Distribution of masks to the public

Food packets for 50-100 vulnerable families each month during the pandemic


Food distribution for quarantined families


Support of a clinic that serves a minority group by providing protective equipment and helping with other miscellaneous needs


Food parcels for 900 vulnerable widows, disabled and others most impacted by the quarantine


Water purification tablet and food distribution to 200 families in Bangalore


"Due to the nation-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many daily wage workers and migrant workers have no source of income. They are not able to obtain clean water or afford daily necessities.... [we will] provide 200 water purifier tablets-- this will serve about 1000 people. These purifier tablets will be included with food packets and distributed to families in marginalized communities in Bangalore, India."