Save One of the Kiju Sisters in Nepal!

Aayusma and Yashu Kiju’s Father passed away a few months ago. 


He left behind two talented girls, one with Down Syndrome.


Having survived the great Nepali earthquake, the loss of their house, the loss of their father who was the breadwinner, you can prevent them from losing the chance to stay in school due to a lack of tuition money and school necessities.


For just $100/month (with a min 5-month commitment), you have the opportunity to something meaningful at a time of dire need. After 5-months, if you need to bow out, you have given us the runway to find a replacement sponsor. 


Regardless if you pick Aayusma, Yashu, or one of the kids on our waiting list, you will make make a huge impact right away. You can also track their education and success in life as an educated person that has opportunities beyond backbreaking hard labor via the penpal emails we will facilitate. 

You are only committed to one email a month :)