we are committed to delivering intelligent compassion to people in complex situations


Our Mission

Millennium exists to combat the spiritual, physical and emotional poverty that is found around our world.

Broadly stated, Millennium Relief and Development is large network of committed and innovative problem-solvers working to serve the poor, suffering and disenfranchised in over 33 countries and territories for the last 18 years.

Our efforts are designed to create independence by helping local people obtain the skills they need to achieve the change they desire. The goal is to bring hope and sustainable solutions to people caught in these desperate situations who dwell in difficult, often hostile regions.

We call this "Intelligent Compassion in Complex Situations"


Our Approach

Millennium works to deliver intelligent compassion to people in complex situations through a network of both small teams and full-fledged development centers to implement projects at the local level.

We believe our strategy is a simple and effective approach to meaningful relief and development.  We do not implement pre-packaged development programs. Rather, Millennium field staff acknowledge that the needs and situations of various groups of people are each uniquely complex. Thus, staff begin by listening to and engaging with a community they enter into, followed by thoughtful assessment. They then work to respond in compassion by crafting quality, sustainable approaches to solve human problems.

Ours is an agile approach that strives to avoid cumbersome bureaucracy, centralized control and costly administration. Millennium’s Houston and Canadian headquarters support programs conceived and implemented by field workers who live and work among the people they serve, speaking their language and sharing life with them.  Millennium field staff represent a diversity of backgrounds including medicine, science, education, engineering, technology, and business.

Our Origins

In 1991, Kurds began to return back to the northern region of Iraq following the repressed rebellion after the gulf war. That same year, Bill Koops moved to Iraq to work with the Kurds who were in refugee camps under UN and Allied protection. In 1997, seven thousand Kurds were evacuated to the US and many came to Houston. Koops returned to Houston at that time to help them settle into a new country.

It was then that Bill met James Clark, a lawyer specializing in international law and finance. The two built a relationship and together they co-founded an organization that enables field workers to provide long-term development assistance to the poor. Bill Koops still serves as President and James Clark as COO and Chairman, and since its creation in 1998, Millennium has worked in over 33 countries. 

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