helping to improve healthcare quality and equipping families of disabled children

At the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan is nestled to the west of Russia, east of Armenia and North of Iran. Azerbaijan was the first Muslim-majority country to have open operas, theater and plays. In addition to its an ancient and historic cultural heritage, Azerbaijan has experienced substantial growth as a result of growing oil and gas exports.

Medical Training Needed

Local doctors, university faculty, residents and medical students want to improve their knowledge base to offer better patient care.


Limited Resources for Disabled Children

Because of the limited resources and services available to children with disabilities and their families, many of these children are institutionalized or have very limited opportunities to develop to their full potential.


Lack of Eye Care

Azerbaijan's medical system is developing and improving in many areas- including ophthalmology. However, many people with limited resources still lack access to high quality, affordable health care services including basic eye evaluations, treatments, and surgeries when needed.

Enriching Medical Training

Millennium in-country staff have developed partnerships with several government and private institutions that are involved in medical education and training. Over the past 3 years, a number of individuals and teams of medical professionals from the US and Europe have been invited by MRDS to lead seminars, conferences and workshops in Azerbaijan in the areas of neurodisability, pediatrics, internal medicine, medicine and pediatric specialties and pathology.

For the second half of 2015 MRDS staff helped to facilitate trainings for Azerbaijani Medical faculty and staff by highly qualified visiting specialists from the US and Europe in the areas of pathology, radiology, oncology and neonatology. 

Currently MRDS staff are working on an exciting project with Azerbaijani health officials to develop sustainable resuscitation courses for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. These courses equip health professionals to better respond to emergent, life-threatening situations with their neonatal, pediatric, adult, and pregnant patients.

Equipping the Families of Disabled Children

MRDS staff have been working to support children with disabilities and their families since 2011. Through partnerships with local and international non-profit organizations and other individuals, MRDS staff have developed trainings for disability care workers, opened a resource center for families of children with special needs, and organized events and a camp for these children and families.  MRDS is continuing to work to improve the quality and availability of resources for individuals and families impacted by disability, and also to encourage the full integration of people with disabilities into society.

Bringing Sight to the Blind

Since 2007 MRDS has partnered with a non-profit clinic in Azerbaijan that since 1999 has been providing low-cost, high quality eye care with compassion, and also training eye doctors. The clinic continues to provide much needed eye services to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  Teams of clinic doctors and nurses regularly travel to remote parts of the country to screen and treat children and adults with eye problems, and to educate people on the prevention and treatment of eye disease.

The apprenticeship program for eye doctors has been a huge success, with graduates who are now the best eye doctors in the country working and teaching in various clinics and hospitals.  Many of the graduates continue to work with the clinic on a volunteer basis to serve the needs of the poor.  


Medical Education Training (Az-Stn.002)Help cover the costs of putting on the medical training conferences and bringing in excellent teachers to invest in the current and future health care providers of Azerbaijan.

(Az-Stn.003)Your gift will help cover the cost of training seminars for disability care workers (speech and physical therapists and others) Disability training

(Az-Stn.004)Your gift will help cover the cost of sight-giving eye surgeries for very low-income patients in Azerbaijan. Eye Clinic for patients with low income