South Kalimantan Community Development Initiative (SKCDI)

For nearly 10 years we’ve been teaching a curriculum called PEACE GENERATION. Thousands of youth from elementary to college age have benefitted from learning these 12 values of peace. We’ve also hosted special peace events such as a Peace Festival, Peace Camp, events to address poverty, injustice and environmental issues, and many others. We’ve been featured on local radio and television talk shows and on the national news. We’ve found great favor with the local police department and education department, and one year we even won a national Young Peacemakers Award!

ONGOING NEED: Donations help us to subsidize special events, such as flying in national and international speakers for our Peace Festival, assisting with the costs for attendees of our Peace Camp. Donations will also subsidize the Peace Generation booklets for students when we teach in poor schools or orphanages. If there are funds available after all necessary subsidies, we are then able to provide a small honorarium for our volunteer teachers.