South Kalimantan Community Development Initiative

100,000+ people use the river for transportation, bathing, washing laundry, brushing teeth, & use outhouses over the same water

Many kids quit school to beg or work so their families can eat. Helping kids get to high school or college can break the cycle of poverty

These 3 we helped since junior high, & now all 3 are studying in university! They just opened a free after-school study program in their neighborhood.

Working with a local doctor, SKCDI assists with free medical clinics in the poorest neighborhoods.

The Banjar are very committed to Islam. They are taught to be suspicious of Christians, & many have never even met a Christian.

Kids come to our home nearly every day, hungry for food, medical help, counseling, prayer, & most of all, love.

SKCDI has organized events for special needs kids & for their parents, fulfilling our mandate to serve the overlooked and marginalized.

One of our sponsored students asked to celebrate her birthday by taking balloons to sick kids in the hospital & praying for their healing.

We took over sponsorship of Kiki's education after his dad hung himself & his mother suddenly dropped dead. He's in 8th grade.

Every life deserves to be celebrated! Many kids don't know their birthday, so we let them choose a date, & bake a cake to celebrate them.