The ÔÇťAviva Salomon Memorial Fund "

The “Aviva Salomon Memorial Fund "


The SherpaCares "Aviva Salomon Memorial Fund" was founded to provide Covid-related relief to Nepal (the 5th poorest country in the world).


Aviva became very close to the Nepali people when her son Michael married Dakee Sherpa on his 3rd year of living in the village of Lukla (gateway to Mt Everest).


Not only did Aviva gain the “daughter I always wanted” but became extremely close to her co-grandmother Mama Yangjee, the “the matriarch of Lukla”, who Aviva got to spend a lot of time with during Mama Yangjee’s long stay in San Diego for chemotherapy.

SherpaCares provides everything from school uniforms to village children, food for orphans of the great Himalayan earthquake of 2015, and now urgent relief for the sudden and deadly surge of COVID-19 cases due to the May 2021 influx of Nepali ex-pats in India, that returned in May via the Nepali-India open border.


SherpaCares is a US-based charity that has worked for more than 15 years to aid the children and families of all of Nepal’s people. Our long track record of projects include a literacy program in a Sherpa village near Everest and an AIDs orphanage in Kathmandu.


For all donations, you will receive an email with a receipt and the paperwork needed for tax deductions.