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Our Mission

Millennium works to deliver intelligent compassion to people in complex situations through a network of both small teams and full-fledged development centers to implement projects at the local level.

We believe our strategy is a simple and effective approach to meaningful relief and development.  We do not implement pre-packaged development programs. Rather, Millennium field staff acknowledge that the needs and situations of various groups of people are each uniquely complex. Thus, staff begin by listening to and engaging with a community they enter into, followed by thoughtful assessment. They then work to respond in compassion by crafting quality, sustainable approaches to solve human problems.

Ours is an agile approach that strives to avoid cumbersome bureaucracy, centralized control and costly administration. Millennium’s Houston and Canadian headquarters support programs conceived and implemented by field workers who live and work among the people they serve, speaking their language and sharing life with them.  Millennium field staff represent a diversity of backgrounds including medicine, science, education, engineering, technology, and business.

What We Do

Community Development

Our Community Development projects address the challenges that people face in customized and varied ways. From classes in business start-ups to enable women to work and earn money for their families in remote regions, to sponsoring visiting experts and professionals at universities in dense cities, our teams strive to respond intelligently and compassionately to the needs of the people they serve.


In partnership with community leaders, Millennium field staff will often focus their projects on addressing the medical needs in the community in which they live.

Through community centers, dentistry and general clinics, and  partnerships with local entities, Millennium workers provide treatment as well as education on disease prevention.

Disaster Relief

Natural and human-caused disasters are chaotic and often destabilizing to a community or nation. Millennium field staff work to bring immediate aid in times of distress. Workers collaborate with the locals to develop solutions that will create an environment of recovery and hope. 

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mobile dentistry clinic in N. Africajob training for human trafficking survivors in Indiawomen's center in Iraqmicrolending in multiple regionsaquaponics & sustainable agriculture in Egypt & the Maldiveschildren's homes in India & Nepal


James Clark

COO and Chairman
James Clark has provided management, legal and financial services since co-founding the organization in December 1997. He practiced law in Canada and the US, and is a member of the New York Bar Association. He previously was a legal consultant to a member of the Saudi royal family, advised Lebanese clients in Canada, and Kurdish clients in Istanbul. James received a BA in Classics from Boston University and a LL.B. from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, in International Law and Finance. He pursued advanced studies at the University of Oxford. Raised in Canada and England, he speaks three European languages. James and his wife have two children and live in Texas.

William (Bill) Koops

Bill Koops formed Millennium in 1997 after serving the Kurds of Northern Iraq as a humanitarian aid worker for six years with his wife, Teresa. Bill was project director for several U.S. government, UN and private contracts. Many of the concepts for the genesis of Millennium came from their experience in relief and development work. From 1991 to 1997, he assisted Kurds in Northern Iraq over the whole evolution of the crisis, from refugee flight to the mountains through long-term development in the unstable region of Northern Iraq. They were adopted into an extended Kurdish Muslim clan, giving them a unique knowledge and perspective. In 1997, he assisted refugee Kurds in Houston to acclimate to the US. Bill speaks Kurdish and Arabic. A graduate of Rice University with a degree in electrical engineering, Bill was a digital hardware engineer for a Houston engineering firm. Bill and his wife have three children and live in Houston, Texas.

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