Project Tahil

In Arabic, التأهيل “Tahil” means “rehabilitation.” For Project TAHIL, it also stands for “Therapy And Healing In Libya.” The therapy and healing we envision is not only for individual Libyans with disabilities but also for the rest of Libyan society to better support, honor, and listen to those with disabilities. We expect that as those with disabilities receive greater respect, they will be empowered to help bring healing to their country, overcome its current challenges and build a strong future.


Deaf Libyans, in particular, want and deserve a larger role in shaping the future of their country. However, deaf Libyans find it difficult to communicate with hearing Libyans, and vice versa. One of Project TAHIL's initiatives is focusing on this particular societal obstacle by equipping people to learn Libyan sign language.

Our Response

Project TAHIL seeks to increase the number of Libyans who know Libyan sign language. In recent years, both the deaf and hearing communities have shown interest in learning sign language. So, in partnership with Libyans, we are developing videos and a free mobile learning app.

Government bodies, private companies, and individual citizens have all been involved in this. Our free app التواصل (Tawasol, meaning "Communication") will allow thousands of Libyans, especially those who have deaf family members or friends, to learn sign language with the click of a button, from the comfort of their own home or in a café. This innovative and thoughtful response to a felt need in Libya is one more way that MRDS is delivering intelligent compassion to people in complex situations.


We expect that thousands of Libyans will download our app and begin their learning journey. As hearing Libyans increase their interaction with the deaf community, everyone will win. Deaf Libyans will be more appreciated and their perspectives more valued, and as a result, the deaf community will better be able to help to shape their country's future. App production has started and Android and iOS versions of our app التواصل (Tawasol) will be released in mid 2019. In the future, we hope to release various versions of the app.

This project is made possible by the new partnership with Project TAHIL. Project TAHIL, which has focused on Libya since 2013, is now a part of the MRDS organization.

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