ilK Umut Dernegi

Ongoing conflict and oppressive regimes have brought millions of migrants and refugees inside Turkey's borders. First Hope Association (FHA), ilk Umut Dernegi, is working near the Turkish border where the largest numbers of Afghan refugees are gathered, many awaiting deportation.

Mobile Hygiene trailers

Mobile Hygiene Trailers developed by FHA are an innovative solution to providing essential services for individuals who do not have access to these facilities, such as refugees and disaster victims. They have also served as a hub of community activity and connection, especially for women and children, who come for hygiene, and distribution of food and clothing. With their versatility and mobility, the Mobile Hygiene Trailers  are making a significant impact by providing essential services and community to people in crisis.

Disaster Response & Rebuilding

FHA teams were on the road within hours of the devastating earthquakes that hit south-eastern Turkey on February 6, 2023. 

Update: July/August 2023

  • FHA distribution of refrigerators, fans, and shade kits to over 7,000 families, so far, has kept homes and food supply safe in the heat.
  • Twenty-one social service stations have been established, including those for play, family support, education and handicrafts production. There is a great need to provide opportunities for people to support themselves.
  • Two school construction projects are underway and a third is set to begin in a container city in Adiyaman.
  • Building of container homes continues to provide shelter.
  • 120 mobile hygiene points continue to operate in the Hatay region. Especially great is the need in tent and container cities and for the disabled and elderly.


Even six months after the earthquakes, the destruction is so great that new needs and requests are received regularly.

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