ilK Umut Dernegi

Ongoing conflict and oppressive regimes have brought millions of migrants and refugees inside Turkey's borders. First Hope Association (FHA), ilk Umut Dernegi, is working near the Turkish border where the largest numbers of Afghan refugees are gathered, many awaiting deportation.

Mobile Hygiene trailers

Mobile Hygiene Trailers developed by FHA have proved to be an innovative solution to providing essential services for individuals who do not have access to these facilities, such as refugees and disaster victims. They have also served as a hub of community activity and connection, especially for women and children, who come for hygiene, and distribution of food and clothing. With their versatility and mobility, the Mobile Hygiene Trailers are making a significant impact by providing essential services and community to people in crisis.

Rebuilding Work Post-Disaster

One year after the earthquakes, FHA teams have continued distribution of essential supplies throughout the winter months. Their activities have also diversified and expanded to the rebuilding of infrastructure and provision of social services. 

Recent Projects:

  • Winter distributions of blankets, coats, hats, gloves, boots and other clothing items to 2,000 families. Continued distribution of food, supplies for baby care, and hygiene.
  • Infrastructure projects: 3 schools, 5 preschools, a library facility, 5 playgrounds, a centralized kitchen shared by several container cities to allow for the production of meals for those requiring (medically) special diets.
  • Community building & recreation opportunities:  Supplying equipment for a children's soccer school; organizing pilates classes and movie nights within container communities; and setting up a coffeehouse container where people can gather and socialize, coffee and service provided free of charge. 


"We remember every day that turkey is a country of disasters.... in the last few weeks, several earthqukes of magnitudes greater than 5 have occurred.... we want to be prepared for possible new disasters."

Tent city child

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